How did I get to Shiatsu

My way to Shiatsu was through classical massages on one side and through Reiki. I enjoy the manual bodywork in classical massages and by using Reiki I learned to perceive the world as energy flows. In Shiatsu bodywork and gentle work with energies combine and support each other in a way that I personally find very pleasant and efficient, too.

In addition to Reiki I also use some other complementary techniques that I learned during my Shiatsu studies - especially Phonophoresis and Shin-tai. In Phonophoresis (also called "tune acupuncture") tuning forks are used to stimulate the meridians or individual acupuncture points. Shin-tai combines Shiatsu and other bodywork techniques focusing on spine and pelvis release by addressing body structures such as bones, cerebrospinal fluid and fascia. Reiki is the name for universal subtle life energy. Most of Reiki techniques are based on applying hands without a special intention. In Shiatsu the source of energy are primarily the full meridians of the client (blocades where energy is wasted), Reiki comes as a support in the ballancing proces or to treat the energeticaly empty parts.

Petr Jansa - Shiatsu treatment

I started with classical massages in 2000 and I work with Reiki since 2001. I learned the basics of Shiatsu in spring 2004 and since then I keep studying and I gradually implemented Shiatsu into my massages. In March 2008 I finished the 3-year study at Darja Shiatsu School and since 2008 I started to teach Shiatsu together with Kateřina Kotková (see our seminars). A hobby at the early stage, massages and Shiatsu in particular gradually became one of my professions and a welcome complement to office work. I have been giving massages to clients since 2002, now I offer Shiatsu in Strašnice.

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